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McGlynn Middle School Entrance Hall

McGlynn Middle School!

Dear McGlynn Middle School Students and Families, 

I am honored to be the Principal of the McGlynn Middle School, a school that has a rich tradition of nurturing young people to reach their full potential as learners through a philosophy of the education of the whole child. I am very excited to welcome our new students and families into the McGlynn Middle School community. I relish the opportunity to continue to work with the talented and dedicated staff at the McGlynn to offer the best possible education to our students. By working together as a school community, we can continue to make the school a safe and supportive learning environment.

I am a proud product of the city of Medford having graduated from Medford High School. I possess a master's degree in educational psychology and a bachelor's degree in history from the University of Connecticut. Over the course of the past sixteen years, I have served as an assistant principal, teacher, varsity coach and club advisor at Medford High School prior to becoming Principal at the McGlynn in the spring of 2018. These opportunities and awesome responsibilities have enabled me to grow as an educator. The most important things that you need to know about me as a school leader are as follows:

  • I genuinely care deeply about the students of Medford. I work diligently to establish relationships with students. I believe that by showing students that I care about their unique story, and am willing to invest in them, it will have a positive correlation with the success that they will have with their teachers in the classroom.
  • I respect and value the work that teachers do in the classroom every day. A teacher’s impact on the life of a student is profound and powerful. I will continue to support teachers and help them grow in their profession in order to improve student outcomes.
  • stand up for what I believe to be right and promote what I call “The Mustang Way.”
  • I lead by example and trust that my strong dedication and positive attitude will exude to the point where it reflects in others.

I am confident that by working together as a school community, we can continue to make the school a safe and supportive learning environment where students can aspire to reach their goals. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if I can be of assistance.


Nicholas L. Tucci


Principal Nick Tucci
Nick Tucci
Phone Number: 781-393-2333 & 5520


John Bruno, Assistant Principal, McGlynn Middle School
John Bruno
Phone Number: 781-393-2333 & 5304